Preschool Interactive Quiz 5 Pack [DVD]

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200 Questions and Answers, each designed to develop a specific skill or understnding of a subject for your child. Preschool education provides for the optimal development of children during their preschool years. Research suggests that babies have a huge capacity to learn through all the senses. The more stimulation they get through the different senses, the better their brain develops.

It is during these formative years that character and personality are developed and basic attitudes formed. In this pack, you will find interactive questions for pre-school and kindergarten children. The relaxed surroundings of your home provide a more suitable environment for your child to learn. The series begins with basic alphabet and numeric skills and progresses to advanced skills like recognizing characters from fairy tales and nursery rhymes.

Colorful, lively animations for every question will attract and hold your child's interest, and help to develop concentration.nteractive features such as multi choice questions are designed to make learning fun and understanding easier. 5 DVDs with exciting question and answers will reinforce the skills learnt by your child.Builds their listening skills and increases their attention span.

DVD-1: Alphabets, Numbers, Shapes and Colors.

DVD-2: Parts of the Body, Days of the Week, Time and Community Helpers.

DVD-3: Animals and Birds * DVD-4: Fruits, Vegetables, Trees, Flowers and Insects.

DVD-5: Nursery Rhymes and Fairy Tales.

Language: English.

Format: NTSC - ALL Regions.