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Iniya Isayudan - Thelivuraiyudan [with meaning]

Part-3 [Atikaram 109-133]: Inbathuppal [Nature of Love]: 109. Thakaiyananguruththal [Pre-marital love] 110. Kuripparidhal [Recognition of the Signs ] 111. Punarchchimakizhdhal [Rejoicing in the Embrace] 112. Nalampunaindhuraiththal [Praise of her Beauty] 113. Kaadharsirappuraiththal [Declaration of Love's special Excellence] 114. Naanuththuravuraiththal [Abandonment of Reserve] 115. Alararivuruththal [Announcement of the Rumour] 116. Pirivaatraamai [Separation unendurable] 117. Patarmelindhirangal [Complainings] 118. Kanvidhuppazhidhal [Eyes consumed with Grief] 119. Pasapparuparuvaral [Pallid Hue] 120. Thanippatarmikudhi [Solitary Anguish] 121. Ninaindhavarpulampal [Sad Memories] 122. Kanavunilaiyuraiththal [Visions of the Night] 123. Pozhudhukantirangal [Lamentations at Eventide] 124. Uruppunalanazhidhal [Wasting Away] 125. Nenjotukilaththal [Soliloquy] 126. Niraiyazhidhal [Reserve Overcome] 127. Avarvayinvidhumpal [Mutual Desire] 128. Kuripparivuruththal [Reading of the Signs] 129. Punarchchividhumpal [Desire for Reunion] 130. Nenjotupulaththal [Expostulation with Oneself] 131. Pulavi [Pouting] 132. Pulavi Nunukkam [Feigned Anger] 133. Ootaluvakai [Pleasures of Temporary Variance].

  --Sung by TL Maharajan, Mahati, Saindavi and Prabhakaran.

Language: Tamil.

Format: NTSC ALL Regions [Video DVD].


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    Thirukkural in vibrating music.

    Posted by MANIVASAGAN RENGASWAMY on 3rd Aug 2014

    TL Maharajan, Mahati, Saindavi and Prabhakaran voices are ringing in ears for a long time even after DVD stopped playing.
    One fine example is children in school easily learn and memorize Thirukkural after hearing from your DVDs. The music and voice influence the children.