Thiruarutpa Part - 1 | Devotional Songs | Abirami Audios

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Thiruarutpa Part - 1 | Devotional Songs | Abirami Audios

The Arutperun Jothi Ramalinga Adigalar, popularly known as VALLALAR, the Great Munificient, may be regarded as the foremost of the saints and ages of the nineteenth century, considering the heights, widths, depths and intimacies of his integral realisation of the Divine in all the "inmost, inner, outer, and the outermost parts of his being".Thiruvarutpa songs of Rāmalinga swāmigal are sung in concerts and now at least 25 songs (in Thiru varut pā Isai Mālai) are given with swara-tāla notation.

The following songs are available in this Thiruvarutpa album :

1. Aadiya Paadam.

2. Adiya Paadam-2.

3. Ambalattarase.

4. Appa Nan-2.

5. Appa Nan.

6. Arpudam Arpudam.

7. Jothi.

8. Orumaiyudan.

9. Petra Thai Thanai.

10. Thenana Inikkum.

11. Thiruppalliezhuchi.

12. Unnai Marandiduveno.

13. Vanattin Meedhu.

14. Vanattin Meedhhu-2.