Sai Saranam | Sai Bhajan Songs | Abirami Audios

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Sai Saranam | Sai Bhajan Songs | Abirami Audios

Sing aloud the glory of God and charge the atmosphere with divine adoration. Devotional singing (bhajan) is a spiritual practice for all who share in it.Remember, every song sung in praise of the Lord is a sword that cuts the knots of laziness. It is a fine piece of social service to remind all of their duty to the Almighty, who watches over them.

The album Sai Saranam has the following songs :

1. Arul Manam.

2. Baba Kovilukkul.

3. Harathi Neram.

4. Oru Kalai.

5. Oru Namame.

6. Oru Viral Kaati.

7. Siradi Sai Baba.

8. Thalai Paagai.

This album Sai Saranam - Sung by Saindhavi.