Melodious Wave | Instrumental | Abirami Audios

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Melodious Wave | Instrumental | Abirami Audios

There are many benefits to listening to Saxophone instrumental music. Unlike other kinds of music that have erratic beats, shouting or cursing, instrumental music is smooth, soft, and perfect for soothing relaxation. Listening to instrumental music is not distracting. In fact, studies have shown that instrumental music is a great background when doing mental or artistic tasks, especially in the classroom.

The following instrumental plays are avaialble in this album :

1. Baaro Krishnaiya.

2. Enna Thavam.

3. Jagatianani.

4. Janani Janani.

5. Kaliyuga Varadha.

6. Manasaa Etalo.

7. Raada Sametha.

8. Theeradha.

9. Vatapi.

This Instrumental music  Melodious Wave - Performed by Lavanya and Subbalakshmi.