Bakthi Ganam | Ganapathy Songs | Abirami Audios

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Bakthi Ganam | Ganapathy Songs | Abirami Audios

The Ganesha mantras when chanted, especially the powerful Mantras, generate a sonic field in and around the body of the chanter and the energy produced is capable of warding off negative forces and strengthens among other things, the immune system, the nervous system and even the circulatory systems.

This Bakthi Ganam album has the following songs in it:

1. Deepa Oliyile.

2. Guruvin Guruve .

3. Kodi Mangalam.

4. Narayanane Neeye.

5. Senthamarai.

6. Sri Krishna.

7. Vaayu Bhagavan.

8. Varum Kaalam.

The Album Bakthi Ganam - Sung by Saindhavi.